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Roof-turbine-does-not-turn, attic turbines are an important component of attic ventilation. improperly ventilated attics can have issues with mold and mildew as well as ice buildup and leaks in winter and can increase home cooling costs in summer. attic turbines should spin as heat rises.. I installed a basic aluminum 12" roof turbine on the back side of a house yesterday but it's not spinning. the turbine on the house next door is spinning, as are a few others down the street but this one isn't. both houses are standard, single story houses with gable roofs. the turbine spins..., what an oxymoron:wind turbine. that is exactly what it isn't:wind driven. here's the dynamic. cut a hole in your roof and the hot air rises(if you have intake)but rain gets in..

Noisy roof vents? roof turbine noises can be incredibly frustrating, especially if they are unpowered turbines that you cannot disable. they are difficult to reach, making repairing them an issue, and they can, if left to their own devices, become incredibly loud. for residential properties, thi ..., 2 of my 3 turbine vents on my roof won't turn unless there's a stronger wind. i've gone on the roof and white lithium greased both and but a level on them, and they are pretty close to level. also, barely using my finger, of course they spin freely, no noise, etc. do i have a low pressure system ? walking around my soffits, yes, i do have soffit vents and from the attic, i can see sunlight in ....

Choosing a product for commercial purposes is an entirely different animal to picking things for your home. there are matters of cost and scale that simply don't apply to residential purchases, so the best product for roof ventilation in your home may not be the best product for your business, even if that product is superior in terms of what it does., don't steal heat. it is also a myth that turbine vents remove warm air from attic spaces in winter months. if the air temperature in your attic space is very warm while it is cold outdoors, i maintain that you might have inadequate insulation and/or you are up in your attic on a bright sunny day where the radiant energy of the sun is heating the attic space..

Turbine vs. electric attic fans. air movement in the attic helps prevent moisture buildup on rafters and on the bottom of roofing materials. in summer, air movement helps rid the attic space of ..., however, when the pivot points began to squeak they had to go!i'd say your placement of a shallow pan is a good solution, though. i would add some sort of drip ridge "downhill" of the roof cutout, so water doesn't run down the sheathing or trusses and drip off someplace else, but instead will hit the drip ridge and go right into the pan..

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